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Why SimSage ?

Use SimSage to automate your FAQs: The use of FAQs is highly important to quickly providing answers to the most common questions users ask, but experience is showing that not only do customers ask questions in different ways, there are so many FAQs on some sites that customers simply find FAQs too frustrating and time-consuming. Use SimSage to provide a simple-to-use Q&A bot to your customers, so they can ask the questions they want, and to quickly get relevant and timely answers.

What is SimSage ?

  • Artificial Intelligence

    SimSage uses Artificial Intelligence to match Questions with Answers.   SimSage learns from your users and makes new connections in its mind.   Give your customers the ultimate experience in language understanding.

  • Semantic Expansion

    SimSage uses Natural Language processing and the natural relationships of language to create better matches

  • Advanced Bot Language

    Create powerful Customer Interactions.  Don't limit yourself to just text.  Integrate Natural Language into your own projects.  Mix text with informative links, and images.

  • Advanced Natural Language Tools

    Convert spreadsheets and documents to SimSage programs.   No need to use anything more complex than a spreadsheet to get started.   Extend, update, test, and perfect your interaction.

SimSage Platform Features

  • Data Analytics

    See how your application is used. What works, and what doesn't. How often, and what your users need and want.

  • Flexible and exact

    expertly and automatically cover customer language requirements using artificial intelligence and advanced nlp techniques.

  • State of the Art Context Management

    Context is key to language understanding. SimSage provides you with one of the most sophisticated automatic context-management systems available.

  • Natural Language Applications

    SimSage is a services platform. Create powerful customer interactions. Greatly enhance your own applications and integrate complex functionality using simple English. Give your customers the competitive advantage of a Natural Language Application.

Ask SimSage about itself

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